6 thoughts on “Emergent Properties Of AI”

  1. Laplace Transforms, Chaos Theory, Monte Carlo Simulation, and now AI Machine Learning. They are all tools that are useful and helpful …until they aren’t. By themselves they really don’t prove anything.

    1. And as far as I know none of those earlier tools replaced anyone working, although a mechanism to regurgitate pre-recorded information in a new form might temporarily replace journalists and others who make a living doing so.

  2. Maybe we can average the resultant answers of the various AI’s in order to obtain an ensemble result that will exactly match subjective expectations rather than some reliable but undependable objective observations. (:-P

        1. I enrolled in Mr. Norton’s summer Surveying Day Camp for two years in the late 1960’s. Mr. Norton was a math teacher at Baseline Junior High, but the class took place at Boulder (Colorado) High, a class that included students from both Boulder High and Baseline Junior High.

          We had the use of a room equiped with Divisummas at each desk — maybe this was for an Accounting class at Boulder High? What we needed them for were geometry calculations in surveying, and a slide rule was far from accurate enough for this purpose.

          We used trig tables, and the Divsummas were for interpolating between table entries for the required precision.

          Glory days, indeed.

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