7 thoughts on “Reversing Aging”

  1. Paging Countess Bathory! Elisbeth Bathory to the red courtesy telephone! Your virgins’ blood is ready.

    It seems like a read of similar research several years ago. I wonder…

  2. What results have Dr. Jesse Karmazin’s company, Ambrosia, produced? To my knowledge, they still offer infusion of blood plasma from young people for the purpose of age reversal.

    A local company where I live specializes in hair restoration. One of their advertised treatments is called PRP, short for “Platelet Rich Plasma”. They advertise it as “FDA approved”, and it supposedly undoes the advance of male pattern baldness. Isn’t that kind of an age reversal treatment?

    1. Not really. Let’s face it: His assumption was a eugenics breeding program. And it was wildly and literally unbelievably successful in the case of Lazarus. People with with 2 gemeratopms of centenarians (plus) breed to produce a lifespan of about 1k yr (before later interventions)? I don’t think so. If such a wonderful genetic variant were hiding in human DNA, there would have been clear historical evidence. Cause having around people with 2,3,4 times others’ max experience would likely give huge survival advantage.

      1. Not the Howard Families program. Somewhere in Methuselah’s Children, the folks left behind did a crash program to find the Howards’ nonexistent “secret.” And they found it. In-vitro growth of fresh blood. (This is from memory.)

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