7 thoughts on “The Harm Caused By Masks”

  1. The masks aren’t completely useless, but as deployed during the “pandemic” they were largely ineffective and pointless.

    I started using masks back in the 90s when I was in NYC, where I noticed that all of the Japanese folks were wearing masks during flu season. And I realized that they were a good way to keep your infected snot and spit to yourself. Mom was a microbiologist and I read her college textbooks as a kid and smearing that stuff around is a big part of the transmission vector. Of course, everyone thought I was weird, or off to rob a bank or something.

    Look, if you’re sick, it is not a bad idea to wear a mask. And wash your hands a lot. Keep your snot and spit contained if you do have to go out or work or whatever. Think of it as a courtesy to others. Are they perfect? No. But it is better than nothing, so there is that. It’s a mitigant; better than a palliative, but not a definitive answer. Usually that’s all you have with which to work.

    1. I’ve tried for years to tell people that masks are good for exactly the purpose you outlined, but either been ignored or slammed for not believing in masks protecting against the evil spirits, I mean the viruses. For a lot of people the masks really are believed to be some kind of magic talisman, with the label of “science”.

  2. Its been two months, and a little less than that for people who work there, since they let us breath free in Dr offices

  3. Near the beginning of all this, I saw a guy kicked out of a Whole Foods for not wearing a mask. He went out to his truck and came back in a toxic vapor respirator, safety goggles, and welding gloves.

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