7 thoughts on “It’s A Big Universe”

  1. And then there’s the system with THREE Earth like planets all within the Goldilock’s Zone that have developed three independent civilizations and have been fighting an interplanetary war for decades for dominance and each just wishing the others weren’t there or that THEIR planet had been born in an otherwise empty solar system in an empty universe.

    (Personally, I don’t ascribe to this as a likely scenario, but I’m an optimist at heart).

        1. That was the Nazi planet. The two (not three) neighboring planets at endless war was “A Taste of Armageddon”

          1. The Nazi planet was about to go to war with its neighbor when Kirk, Spock and McCoy arrived on the scene to seek out Professor Gill.

            Thanks for the other episode. I remember the “war by computer” theme between two planets and the first appearance of General Order 24. Which seems more suited to the Terran Verse than the mainline Federation verse. I couldn’t think of the title though.

  2. Well, as said, humans are self destructive- civilizations come and go. And look at the Left.
    They seem to crave anything primitive and are quite uneducated.
    Educated- at least know some history- and don’t pervert it {the jackasses}.
    Anyhow, despite the gloom, it is the best of times- we live in actual magical world. Hopefully it won’t end quickly- and only doomed could be caused by governments and they are the normal cause.
    Russia and China govt are busily destroying themselves. Just the demographic they have created will end them within 50 years.
    Whether America can save itself [or them] is not given.
    The good news is India and African countries could very well, make themselves useful.

    In in terms Apollo and PR, likewise going to Moon again might lead to something.

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