4 thoughts on “Climate Wars On Twitter”

  1. Consider this:

    Following his takeover of Twitter, Musk released thousands of documents showing frequent collusion between staff members of Twitter and government officials, as well as deliberate efforts to suppress conservative viewpoints.

    Prior to Musk’s takeover, Curry said the engagement she received on her Twitter feed was considerably lower.

    “For the [approximately] 18 months prior to Musk’s takeover of Twitter, I felt as if I was tweeting into a void — hardly any new followers and virtually no likes or retweets of my tweets,” Curry said.

    Within a week after Musk took over, she said, her followers and engagement greatly increased. Since November, her followers have doubled.

    “I was obviously shadow banned in some way,” Curry said, referring to the practice of lowering the ranking of content so it’s seen by fewer users of a platform.

    I think that sort of censorship is one of the most harmful and disgraceful because it’s covert. If I’m overtly banned from a platform and they give a reason, then at least I know it’s happening and the pretext for it. I can then deal with it: perhaps by moving on, changing my behavior, or contesting the judgment. Here, you can’t even prove it’s going on (assuming you’re even aware of the problem) and they certainly won’t even let you know it’s happening.

    A platform that claims to be about communication should be a lot more transparent than that. This is shameful.

    And one wonders how things like the climate change debate will shift now that the opposition can operate on a fairer level.

  2. “Curry said it’s concerning that Maslin admitted in the Guardian article to coordinating with employees of Twitter to suppress perspectives he doesn’t like — and admitted it apparently with some pride. ”

    These people think they are gods so abusing the sub-humans isn’t a moral quandary to them.

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