2 thoughts on “The EU’s Green Dreamland”

  1. One man’s nightmare is another man’s dream.

    They want to end agriculture, mining, use of plastics, personal transportation, travel, ect. The world they want can only exist if the world we have now enables it, meaning the mining, energy generation, oil exploitation, agriculture, heavy industry, ect that we have today is needed to support everything the Progressive Marxists want.

    They are destroying that system and their utopia is unable to exist without it. We will have the same style of living and level of industry as in the Mad Max movies.

    All of these net zero people need to get aquariums. Play out your God complex on something as simple as an aquarium. Create that perfect net zero closed loop ecosystem. When you have mastered a 10 gallon aquarium, then we can talk about totalitarian control over the global population.

  2. Food and manufactured goods will be imported from some other place …”let them eat cake”. If there is no ‘cake’ then rationing will be imposed on the masses.

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