19 thoughts on “The FBI Is Out Of Control”

  1. Chief, what do you mean out of ‘CONTROL’? Are you suggesting they are now in the clutches of KAOS?

  2. “The ringleaders of this crime against the American people, including Comey, McCabe, rabid Trump-hater Peter Strzok, then deputy assistant director of counterintelligence, declined to be interviewed by Durham, and he inexplicably declined to use his power to compel their testimony.”

    “Inexplicably declined to use his subpoena power to compel their testimony”!? I think that says it all Durham was gutless when all was said and done he was a competent investigator all right but had no balls to pursue it to indictments and criminal charges.

    1. A successful bureaucrat always knows which side of his bread is buttered. For the same reason the courts would not get out in front of the 2020 election. Either the evidence presented was rejected out of hand or claimed without standing. The most honest election ever, with rules set by State Governors or State Secretaries of State (with a D) contrary to our Constitution. The Democrat vote count exceeded Obama’s totals. With many late Biden votes coming in in key swing states in the early morning hours after Trump had forged a big lead. The most honest election in history. I guess the lesson from 2000 was well learned in the Judicial Branch.

      1. “With many late Biden votes coming in in key swing states in the early morning hours after Trump had forged a big lead.”

        Remember when they “prebunked” this as the Red Mirage? They had to create the narrative based on stereotypes that Democrats believe where Republicans only vote on election day in person and never use mail in ballots.

        The reality is that Republicans are just like other humans and will do whatever is easiest and most convenient and will indeed use mail in ballots. They telegraphed exactly what they were going to do as part of what Biden called the most sophisticated voting fraud system in American history.

        All of the talking head idiots were like, “Oh, of course all the votes that came in in the middle of the night would be 90% Democrat. Only Democrats vote by mail.”

        1. One thing is certain. Woe be to us if the public loses confidence in our national elections.

  3. Okay, so now we know for certain that the Democratic party used their influence in the FBI to implement an attempted a coup d’etat against the Trump administration and nobody is going to jail for it. That by itself moves the window of believably to include fixing the 2020 election and/or “accidentally” releasing the Wuhan flu to get rid of Trump.

  4. Nothing less than ending the DOJ and FBI (and CIA) is required to save the republic. Anything less will not do.

  5. “Nothing less than ending the DOJ and FBI (and CIA) is required to save the republic. Anything less will not do.”

    Not a chance that will happen. However somewhat more likely was Trump’s Schedule F plan.

    “The plan, as detailed to Axios and confirmed by Government Executive, would bring back Schedule F, a workforce initiative Trump pushed in the 11th hour of his term to politicize the federal bureaucracy. The former officials and current confidantes are, through a network of Trump-loyal think tanks and public policy organizations, creating lists of names to supplant existing civil servants. They have identified 50,000 current employees that could be dismissed under the new authority they seek to create, Axios reported and Government Executive confirmed, though they hope to only actually fire a fraction of that total and hope the resulting “chilling effect” will cause the rest to fall in line.”


    Far as I am concerned the FBI/CIA/DOJ leadership classes need to be “chilled” or fired so that the rest remember they have to answer to someone. Little wonder the hate (fear) Donald Trump so much.

    1. Hadn’t heard about that. Interesting idea, but depends on the election not being stolen again.

    2. I don’t think it was the Trump administration that ‘politicized’ the federal bureaucracy.

  6. “Interesting idea, but depends on the election not being stolen again.”

    Trump’s way ahead of you:

    “Former President Donald Trump remains focused on winning the 2024 presidential election — and his campaign appears to be in constant motion, as does his fundraising.

    Here is Mr. Trump’s latest request to supporters.

    “The radical Democrats have used ballot harvesting to cancel out your vote and walk away with elections that they never should have won. But I’m doing something huge to fight back,” he advised in a voter outreach released Sunday.

    “Our presidential campaign will launch our own Ballot Harvesting Fund in the states where the Left has been cheating the system. Please make a contribution to our brand new Ballot Harvesting Fund to harvest ballots in the states where we can, and beat the Democrats at their own game – for 1,500% impact,” the emailed request said.”


    Sometimes you gotta fight fire with fire…

  7. Time to bring all the FBI to the Hoover building – and implode it.

    Bulldoze the rubble into a large pile, soak it in diesel fuel and burn it.

    Salt the ground with Cobalt-60, and put a fence around it.

    1. No, no, after demolition you still need to honor the founder.
      Nope, instead in its place you erect a big, multistory and all-in-pink Victoria’s Secret.

    2. Put up the same signs recommended for nuclear waste storage:

      This place is not a place of honor… no highly esteemed deed is commemorated here… nothing valued is here.

      What is here was dangerous and repulsive to us. This message is a warning about danger.

      The danger is still present, in your time, as it was in ours.

      The danger is to the body, and it can kill.

      This place is best shunned and left uninhabited.

  8. I think Donald Trump’s proposed schedule F would be the best solution. Of the 50,000 people theoretically under the knife you probably wouldn’t have to get rid of more than 500 or so to effectively discipline the organization(s) get them back to what there supposed to be. I wonder if DeSantis could be trusted to do the same if elected to POTUS?

    1. For all politicized members of the civil service, would that be Schedule F under Rule U?

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