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  1. I’ve been involved in human clinical trials in the past. Anyone who read the primary endpoints at the time on clinicaltrials.gov would not have been surprised. The bureaucrats never educated the public of the difference between an immunizing vaccine (to which most everyone is familiar) and a therapeutic vaccine (which most that were developed, and all that were pushed, were). The primary endpoints, which are the only ones a clinical trial is powered to test, where a shift in severity score of those who became infected. In addition to letting the public believe through omission (and sometimes commission) that these were immunizations along the lines of small pox or mumps, the political class often hyped secondary endpoints such as time to onset of infection and antibody titers, even though metrics on these endpoints were not powered. I also read through the FDA supporting documentation for their authorization meetings at the time. These issues were often brought up in presentations but never influenced the majority vote. It does make one wonder just how much money changed hands. To quote from my hardcopy (can’t be remotely edited) of the 1960 4th edition of Top’s Communicable and Infectious Diseases, Chapter 4 “Before judgement is passed on the value of a serum or vaccine, the product must have weathered time…..The observations must continue for a minimum of 10 years, preferably more, and should include sufficient numbers, if the disease is prevalent, to be significant.” We have become a pushbutton culture expecting instant results. The political class went out of their way to prey and profit on that. IMO.

  2. Never once wore a mask. Never once got ‘the Jab’.

    Never once contracted Covid.

    Never once trusted the hysterical demands that I comply.

    I may have been lucky. I estimated that there was far less luck available with the jab.

    Risk/Reward claims weren’t convincing.

    1. Never got jabbed (it was evident even back then that it didn’t make sense to – that we were being lied to).

      I do seem to have caught the three major variants at different times. Last one was worst for me, but only lasted a few days. First one was a 24hr flu. I guess my immune system is normally a bit wonky.

      Also, I didn’t die any time I contracted it, nor did I have any lingering effects I am aware of. I was smart and took supplements known to be helpful.

  3. I thought people being fired from the medical, fire, police or discharged from the military over their COVID vaccination status was wrong. I still do. However as a society we’ve also had long standing policies over such things as tuberculosis vaccination as being a requirement to attend college. (I remember having to get a TB booster shot at the start of my Freshman year, the booth giving out the shots was set up in the same hall used for class registration and getting your school ID card). I didn’t have a problem with it back then. I still support vaccines that offer true immunity as opposed to those that are therapeutic. But I think their use should remain strictly voluntary. Too much of our society as devolved into the “seat-belt” mentality. Saying that when we, as taxpayers, have to bear the cost when you get crippled in an auto accident because you weren’t using your seat belt, that “we” can make not wearing a seat-belt illegal. Same goes with cell phones. I always thought it would be a good car accessory to have a CB microphone attachment that plugs into your cell phone. Does nothing except allow you to use your cell phone legally in your car.

    The theme/meme of “the epidemic of the un-vaccinated” was pure propaganda and evil at its core. I fear we are due to repeat it *all* come the next pandemic.

    1. “I fear we are due to repeat it *all* come the next pandemic.”

      Somehow I don’t think so. Sure, there are still some incessant mask-wearers around, but I don’t think it is just the Right that got fed up with it all. Most people I see just want to get on with their lives and I don’t think we will “all go along with it” as easily as last time. In fact, I think we can count on a lot of civil disobediance should it happen, and not just from the Right.

      As for jabs, the Air Force pumped me full of, seemingly, whatever they had on hand in the 70s and 80s and I have rarely gotten sick at all, even decades later. So far as I know, I have never had COVID and all I did was mainline Airborne gummies and Vitamin C tablets.

    2. Professor, I’m confused.

      I recall tuberculosis screening to be a requirement to go to school.

      I don’t ever recall tuberculosis vaccination as ever being a thing in the U.S., and my recollection of the Divisumma electro-mechanical calculator pretty much indicates my age is the same as “many of da guys” on Rand’s fine Web site.

      I recall a colleague telling me that he has to get special dispensation from tuberculosis screening because he tests positive for TB. This is because he took the TB vaccine, something that people do in his native India.

      I remember polio vaccines being a requirement, and I recall Mom being unhappy that I was required to take the live-virus oral polio vaccine when I had received the boosters since childhood for the Salk killed-virus vaccine. The safety problems with the oral polio vaccine have made the news in recent times, indicating Mom was pretty informed about these things.

      That said, I don’t “get” why our host Rand is so unhappy about the COVID vaccine, especially when most of us who are regulars here were in Spring 2021 talking about when and where they could get the vaccine. Most of us here are at high risk because we are old guys, and judging by people divulging what their cardiologist is telling them about eating red meat, many of us have other risk factors. In these days of managed care, you don’t get referred to a cardiologist unless you have had a heart attack or other indication of a serious heart condition.

      1. I was referred to a cardiologist because of family history and high blood pressure. I did a calcium scan and it came back pretty clean, so I consider myself to be at low risk.

      2. Professor, I’m confused.
        I recall tuberculosis screening to be a requirement to go to school.

        I’m pretty sure it was TB. You are probably right. I guess it was ‘the test’ not the inoculation itself. It was being administered via an air driven ‘injector’. I suppose I had to report to Health Services afterwards to have it checked. All I know is that it was not via a sugar cube as the polio vax was in elementary school. My memory could be off. I *won’t* say exactly home many years ago that was… at least a few…

  4. We’re un”vaxxed” also Rand. The bs here in Australia was extreme.
    Up until the advent of the covid scam there never had been a successful corona virus vaccine. I’d say there still has not been one.
    I was put on to this by Karl Denninger in mid 2020 http://www.market-ticker.org when Operation Warp Speed was announced. This raised red flags and my wife (former RN) did some research. No way would we take it. I’m glad we didn’t. Amongst friends, family and acquaintances we have seen a variety of different health effects that didn’t exist before the vax and those who took it seem to have contracted covid and flu many times while those who didn’t have stayed healthy.
    I want trials. We’ll build the gallows outside the courtroom.

    1. Also why we don’t have immunity from all colds and flu via vaccine. Too many variants.

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