8 thoughts on “The Weaponization Of Government Against Americans”

  1. We on the right are ourselves in part responsible for allowing the 80+ year campaign of disinformation to go unanswered or by even acquiescing to it’s charge: that fascism is “right wing”. It isn’t and it never was. Fascism has always been an ideology of the left.

  2. I question whether the SPLC really has any credibility.

    The state media, which uses SPLC as a source for whatever fabrications they wish to use to frighten the children, certainly know the SPLC is lying. It seems to me that the attribution to SPLC is less and less often included in the stories (a much more accurate word than “reporting” unfortunately). And that’s before even getting to whether consumers of state media even believe the stories, much less the level of direct popular distrust of the SPLC itself.

    1. So what is the “messaging” from BART? That cool Anime characters need to be transported by bus to bypass all of the broken-down segments of this “rapid transit” system?

  3. This stuff is easy to see through and even Democrats would see it is BS and that is why where/how the accusations come from is hidden from the public. The material generated is used by the propaganda press as “experts say” “sources say” “data shows” and other weasel phrases used to manipulate the audience.

    We can’t forget the primary consumer of Democrat Government propaganda, our own government. Reports generated by the Democrat Government are used to create media narratives and those media narratives are fed back into Democrats Government operations to justify the persecution of dissidents.

  4. In a generation or two, things will be different because that’s how it works.

    Stupid people eventually die.

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