2 thoughts on “Covid Ventilator Deaths”

  1. As long as you stay on your feet, stay out of the hospital, and keep your driver’s license, you’ll be all right. Only one of the reasons I think driving should be a constitutional right. This “privilege” bullshit is open to abuse. One of my friends beat a ticket in court, only to have the DMV impose an “administrative revocation” that was not subject to court review.

  2. It’s not a coverup if the medical establishment admitted that they should not have put people on vents. It wasn’t just “China” saying that people needed to be on ventilators – it was a recognized treatment for respiratory diseases. The twitter thread from one doctor in fact undercuts the “vents were overused” idea. A doctor with a patient with 42% O2 sats is going on a vent – you can’t just use a nasal cannula or mask for O2 when it is that low. That low of an O2 sat is causing damage to the body.

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