10 thoughts on “The Coming Summer Blackouts”

  1. And of course there is a Bill Gates venture to study the effects of spraying particles into the upper atmosphere to reduce global warning by reflecting sunlight back into space. What could possibly go wrong?

  2. After the communists took control of China, Mao unleashed his Great Leap Forward to force many changes on the ancient country. Many of them, such as diverting local resources to (crap) steel production and putting loyal Party members in charge of everything, including the forced collectivization of agriculture, led to mass famine that killed an estimated 40-60 million people. Mao never missed a meal, of course.

    Today, we have equally scientific illiterates dictating environmental and energy policy. They’re forcing existing, efficient, and reliable power plants to be shut down before they have anything reliable to replace them. This will drive up the cost of energy and result in blackouts and brownouts. In the end, this will likely lead to a lot of deaths. Of course, those doing these things will likely never have to suffer any of the outages.

    They like to call their ideas the Green New Deal, but Green Leap Forward is IMO more appropriate. These idiots aren’t doing their damage just in the US. Let’s only hope their incompetence doesn’t kill as many people as Mao’s did.

    1. Trying to end agriculture is worse than what they are doing to energy but the two go hand in hand for leading to the deaths of hundreds of millions.

      1. Fertilizer production depends on fossil fuels. They want to end that, which will lead to a massive drop in agriculture production. The Green Leap Forward can easily result in the death of millions worldwide. But rest assured, those in charge will never miss a meal.

  3. Half is better than the production Canada gets in the winter time from those panels….

    1. Negative energyproduction, probably, if you consider the efforts that it takes to keep them clean and ice free.

      1. The deal the province of Ontario made to put panels on my land when I lived there was too good to pass up. But, the financing all fell apart before we signed the final contract: It turns out that other peoples money runs out pretty damned quick when you buy solar-generated electricity at 84 cents/kwh and sell it at 11 cents.

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