4 thoughts on “DEI And NASA”

  1. I tuned in to the last ISS mission from SpaceX at around T-17. They cut over to NASA. From then on 100% of the NASA people on the TV were black women.

    There’s such a thing as trying too hard.

    1. SpaceX has better looking black women (as well as better looking women in general). I can’t say much for the guys, white or otherwise. I got contacted by SpaceX PAO after I published a story in Asimov’s (in 2008, I think) that involved using SpaceX hardware to fly a crewed NEA mission. They sent me a T-shirt.

  2. Woke is slang for Progressive Marxist. It is a term they used to describe themselves after attaining enlightenment by awakening from false consciousness. The term was later used to correctly identify Progressive Marxist influence.

    DEI isn’t anti racism. It is literal systemic racism. Progressive Marxism is a supremacy based religion.

    The two tactics being used in the op-ed are DARVO and the motte/bailey.

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