3 thoughts on “The NHS”

  1. Wont happen as long as Progressive Marxists control government regardless of who wins elections. Instead, we are going the other way and stealing kids from parents who wont follow the new state religion.

  2. My source for information this worked as a pediatric endocrinologist, that there is a medical condition known as “precocious puberty” for which such “blockers” may be prescribed.

    Do parents really want their age-5 daughter to enter womanhood? This is a rare condition, and it is not clear that this condition adversely affects health. The desire to delay puberty is to avoid social stigma? I consider administering medicines to delay puberty to, say, age 13 to be perfectly reasonable under these circumstances.

    1. It’s likely that you can find an exception to almost any kind of medical restriction. Steroids can be very beneficial to a lot of people, but they’re also abused by athletes looking for an advantage.

      There can be legitimate medical reasons in rare cases for puberty blockers. What’s happening as part of the trans movement isn’t one of them.

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