3 thoughts on “This Fine EdD”

  1. My older sister had an Education PhD. She had quite a career: BA at Oklahoma, taught at a Catholic grade school and an inner city school, MA at Delaware, taught at a service school in Okinawa and got her PhD at Arkansas. Finally ended up teaching math at a local junior college… She did gripe from time to time that Engineering BS could usually demand higher salaries than her PhD (I wisely shut up and didn’t say a word).

    Her PhD thesis passed but was not published because it was heretical at the time. You see that Dr. Jean Piaget, of the Montessori school fad, was the end all and be all of the Education Biz™ and her thesis was from a competing theory — so no university tenure job for you, cupcake!

    It is hard for me to express my cynicism about the Education Biz™. To me teaching is a “hands on” learned skill and the credentials are largely irrelevant if not counter productive.

    TL/DR: It is hard to determine what is useful and what is hokum in fields like ‘Education’.

  2. Maybe I should hire someone to walk in front of me and say “Clear the way for Dr. Lurio!”

    ….too bad Ph.D.s in engineering aren’t valued as highly as EdD’s.;-)

  3. What’s all the fuss about? For years there has been a blue pill on the market that takes care of EdD….

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