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  1. Obama had a doctrine? He always seemed to act like having a policy was too much work for a Lightbringer and 2009 Nobel Peace [sic] Prize laureate….

  2. ““We challenged Putin with the tools that we had at the time, given where Ukraine was,” ”

    Was he referring to the “color revolution”?

    Other than giving Ukraine more weapons, what was Obama supposed to do? And Trump behaved poorly by looking into the Ukraine aided series of coups ran against Trump and the USA?

    Perhaps there are alternatives that the author won’t let the audience contemplate.

    1. Ukraine’s problem was Ukraine’s making. They should’ve kept the nukes. And if the Russians wanted them back that badly, I’m sure express delivery could have been arranged.

      1. That would have been wise. What is true of individuals is also true of countries, you are the one most responsible for yourself.

        Ukraine may or may not win this war but regardless of the outcome, they are bound by strings that will not be severed for generations. Our help is not free and our help benefits those who tie the strings, not who the strings are tied to.

        There are a lot of better ways to increase our power and influence but our leaders are corrupt anti-Americans.

  3. IMO, the Obama influence is a little different. Obama and the Democrats were apologists for Russia since wwii. This lasted until Putin made Obama look like a foolish idiot by calling his bluff in Syria. From that moment on, Obama and the Democrats started hating Russia, not because of anything to do with Russian aggression but because of personal offense.

    Because of that, we are still at war in Syria, domestic politics has devolved into persecuting dissidents by accusing them of being Russian agents and setting forces of government and corporations against them, and we teeter on a global war that even if we win, will leave us and the rest of the world badly damaged.

    Add into that the Progressive Marxist seizure of government workforce and ensuing abuses of power that would have meant jail at the very least pre-Obama.

    Dealing with the shadow Obama still casts on our own country is an existential threat to us. The wars in Ukraine and Syria create problems for us because of our involvement and we would be better off not in them.

    1. My ‘impression’ was that the Left Wing of the Democratic Party (US) stopped ‘apologizing’ for Russia when they embraced heresy by abandoning Communism. Vile Apostates! After that any ‘apologizing’ was reflexive support for anybody that opposed US/Western ‘Hegemony’, ‘Capitalism’, ‘Colonialism’ and et cetera .

      1. The Russian Reset was the last expression of Democrats affinity with Russia but there are still a few elderly Chomsky types that still push the old views.

  4. With the NATO summit, Biden and the NATO partners have guaranteed that the war between Russia and Ukraine will never end. All gave Ukraine staunch assurances that Ukraine will become part of NATO as soon as the war ends, even though the prospect of Ukraine becoming a NATO member has been widely cited as the entire reason Russia sought to take over the country.

    We live in a crazy country…

    1. I think that may be one of the reasons Russia stated for invading Ukraine, but in practice, it was just another war of conquest to seize more territory and resources like they did in 2014 when they seized Crimea.

      1. I believe it wasn’t about NATO. Prior to the invasion that was never in the cards, neither were Sweden and Finland in play. The issue was Ukraine joining the EU. That was intolerable to Putin. I have a feeling that had we had a functional presidency in power in 2021 and trip to both countries to iron out where all this was heading in the summer / fall of 21 could have prevented the war. That would have required an administration capable of hitting the ground running, as opposed to hitting the ground face first.

        1. Nor do I deny that reconstruction of the Soviet was/is a goal here. Had Putin rolled over Ukraine, the Baltic States would have been in play via Red Flag ops. That didn’t happen. We may have a stalemate until Putin dies. Even if Ukraine would militarily roll over, it would still remain a hotbed of resistance actions, assassinations and sabotage. Russia could never assume it would ever be a reliable ally.

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