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  1. I like a Star Wars analogy better: Emperor Dementius Bidentime and his loyal apprentice Devious Evader and his prosecutors that couldn’t achieve a conviction no matter how many times they shoot for a trial.

  2. So… where I live in upstate SC “Shoeless Joe” is a bit of a local hero and Turleys account of his “confession” and the kid’s questioning him is pure fiction. Never happened.

    1. Famous bank robber Willie Sutton never told a reporter that he robbed banks because “That’s where the money is.” That was a fabricated quote. Sutton liked it so much that when he wrote his autobiography, he used that for the title.

      Likewise, during the Apollo 13 incident, Gene Kranz never said, “Failure is not an option.” He used that as the title of his autobiography.

      Like Lincoln said, “You can trust everything you read on the Internet.”

      1. Like Lincoln said, “You can trust everything you read on the Internet.”
        I dispute that! Lincoln was speaking long before the Internet existed! I’m pretty sure the exact quote was : “You can trust everything you see on TV”.

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJGjaYybS4k

    Indictment IV: my legal analysis of the RICO prosecution.

    More competent legal analysis from Alan Dershowitz. In my opinion for whatever it is worth Trump (barring unlikely changes of venue) will be kangaroo-court convicted in Georgia (something like 2:1 voted against Trump in the county it is being tried in) as well as the DC case ( ~95% voted against Trump). Then Trump’s only hope will be the appeals courts (that will be heavily pressured to cave) finally SCOTUS. The Supreme court itself will be heavily pressured (threatened) to not intervene. An interesting wild card would be Matt Gaetz’s threat to immunize Trump by calling him into under subpoena to testify in front of the Judicial Committee of the house in exchange for immunity to all of the chargers in one (or both) federal cases. Not sure but don’t see why not said Congressional committees can do the same for the state charges; obviously again this would end up in front SCOTUS.

    1. Isn’t there a kind of Twilight of the Political Gods in play?

      Far be it for me to comment on the merits of the respective cases, but Mr. Trump has the legendary ability to not keep a private thought to himself, starting with the Access Hollywood tape of his “interactions” with women, and Mr. Biden is tragically flawed by how he “cares deeply for the well-being of his son.”

      Is there any way to “move on” from this mutual destruction by say, Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump both announcing withdrawal from the race and letting the voters choose, say between Florida Man and California Man?

      1. Your solution assumes that Trump/Biden could put put the country before either of their own personal ambitions.

      2. How about a Constitutional Amendment that says any President or Vice-President during their term in office may not engage in any financial or gift transactions that would earn them anything more than their current salary or pension? For a President the rule would apply even after their term in office, prohibiting them from earning more than their pension. Any extra has to go back to the Treasury.

  4. Political systems do fail from their own inertia. I think we are witnessing that now. I suspect we will move on in the near future to figurehead Presidents controlled by AI that write their speeches, set their policies, run their campaigns or alters the vote counts as needed.

      1. It’s hard to imagine them getting worse given the current state of ChatGPT. Factually correct doesn’t seem to be an impediment either, so I expect our political class’s speeches will see enormous grammatical improvements in the near future.

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