7 thoughts on “Feral Cattle”

  1. The only thing missing at the end is a mention that the author is a vegan.

    (And the main difference between squirrels and rats is that squirrels don’t shave their tails.)

  2. I’m glad the cows have their own island. It isn’t like we are short of islands.
    Some years ago the government in Australia started shooting feral camels in central Australia. Camels do well here and I can’t see they bother anyone. I’m all for arming them with MANPADS.

  3. The article disappointed me. I was expecting the story of how the cows took over to involve gunplay.

    Spoiled by YouTube videos, that’s me.

  4. Lets release 16 grizzly bears to the island. 8 males, and 8 females. If they each were to eat 1 cattle a week, for 30 weeks, then that would be 480 cattle. Once the cattle are all gone, then keep the bears on the island for another 6 weeks. Then most, or all the foxes would be gone. Then relocate the bears.

    After that, the birds can then have the island.

    1. So what happens to the gorillas, Principal Skinner?

      Oh Lisa, that’s the beauty of it. They just freeze to death in the winter.

  5. I think I saw Feral Cattle at the Whiskey, back in the 80’s…They opened for the Lonesome Cowboys…

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