One thought on “The Harm Caused By masks”

  1. This is actual science, not faux Fauci science.

    Faux Fauci science? Can we condense that into a single verb? “faucify”. As in the phrase “Faucify the Science?” Which is somewhat redundant but in an anti-tautological way. Because Fauci is “The Science”, but not what we commonly accept as Science. It’s more like saying “The Science” isn’t “Science”.

    When applied in a prepositional phrase as in: “to faucify the proposition”, means the opposite of falsify. Because the latter implies that the intent is to find truth. Here the intent is not to find truth but a canard. It is a homonym to falsify but the outcome is completely different. So for example, to apply Popper, we have a typical example usage, where you can state :

    “If you can faucify the hypothesis, it’s not Science!”

    FYI: It is pronounced fau-chi-fy as opposed to fall-si-fy. The preferred spelling is faucify.

    Yes! Rand has led us to a new entry in the Urban Dictionary!
    You might as well add it to your spell-checker now folks!

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