10 thoughts on “The Latest Starship Delay”

  1. What no experimental rockets ever launched from the Cape?
    What about the first Falcon Heavy?

    No I disagree with Ellie on this point. Besides if that was a hangup it’d be coming from another direction completely not FWS. I’d be hard pressed to know who that would be. Certainly highly unlikely it’d be the 45th Space Wing. Perhaps ULA? I seriously doubt that as well. Because most companies know better than to take a dump in their own beds, i.e. “what goes around, comes around”, esp. with Vulcan on the horizon. No there are too many stakeholders that have a vested interest in smooth operations at the Cape.

    1. Oh and I forgot to mention yet another monster rocket whose name rhymes with “syphilis” that to date has had exactly one all up successful liftoff from the Cape. Does one successful launch transition you from experimental to fully operational?

    2. /rant-on
      This is the kinda of thing that puts the lie to the fairy tale we tell our elementary and high school kids about America’s bright future in Space. Enough lies like this and is it any wonder they join Antifa as young adults?

      Yes Kamala, you might have ridden to school in a big yellow school bus, but no-one has ever gotten to the Moon or beyond on the back of a big yellow snail darter….

      1. Come to think of it, that last side show with Kamala and those “students” with a big bright “Space Future” pretty much sums it all up. None of those kid actors were in STEM nor aviation AFAIK; but damn, did they not look good and diverse on TV?

        As long as our bright future in Space is confined to the next Star [Trek/Wars/Barbie] TV serial or movie, they’ll do fine…

    3. Don’t forget they let them fly the boosters back and land at Canaveral.

      Unfortunately that 1st full stack launch was a shit show. Seems fairly obvious now they didn’t expect much success and launched it to clear the deck rather than dismantle it, which would rub certain type nose out of joint. Then the amount of stage 0 damage and surrounding area damage took misguided to idiotic and handed them ammunition.

      I had always figured they would need to move the full stack to the Oil rig or Canaveral.

  2. Elon really pissed of the techno-bureaucratic state. Unfortunately, some sort of ‘hold up’ on a critical Falcon 9 US gov’t launch. would probably make things worse…

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