7 thoughts on “Blue-Collar Workers”

    1. So Bob Smith is replaced by Dave Limp.

      Dave Limp?

      I think I would change my name if I were him.

      Hmmmm. “Dan.” Yes, that’s it. Dan Limp.

  1. AI is vastly overrated, and the abilities of so-called “blue collar” “workers” (elites love to use Soviet-style language) are even more vastly underrated. Neither is a surprise, since the rating is done by our elites, who know nothing about the workings of the real world. The blue collar class can and does make civilization work; the elite class doesn’t, and couldn’t if tasked to do so.

    I don’t classify Elon among the elites, and neither do the elites since he essentially made freedom of speech possible again. I’m a little surprised at his support for a guaranteed minimum income, though I haven’t heard it from him directly. The irony of the support for GMI in this context is that it is what sank George McGovern’s presidential run in 1972. Those who opposed it most strongly were blue collar workers.

    But back to AI. I don’t think it will ever become secure and reliable to the point where people will bet their lives on it, simply because a technology that is almost infinitely faster at finding patterns in vast amounts of data also has the potential at any time of developing incomprehensibly vast apophenia (“the tendency to perceive meaningful connections between unrelated things”). There is already AI software (DeepDream) which deliberately has pareidolia. I don’t know how one would know that was happening before it was too late, either through a flaw in the software or deliberate introduction of bugs to make it happen.

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