2 thoughts on “Color Blindness”

  1. Up to 58k views on YouTube for an organization with 23M subscribers. Coleman didn’t mention he was questioned at the end of his talk. I had not seen that in a TED talk.

    On the questions, the original question on the Orchestra is flawed. Coleman gets it right. Auditions should be done blind, if it is about musical ability and not the appearance of the Orchestra. If the Orchestra wants to attract talent and wants to do so by encouraging disadvantaged children, then fine. Do that but not at the harm of excluding others for a fair opportunity to audition. Also, don’t assume race of the disadvantaged, that’s perpetuating racism.

    1. In a related phenomenon, it seems to me that featured soloists tend to be younger and more attractive than the members of the orchestra, who tend to be middle-aged and pudgy.

      To illustrate my point I Googled ‘pretty young Asian American woman plays piano etudes’. The algorithm seemed almost designed to resist showing me one. This is the first real result.


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