The “Debate”

I agree with Ed Morrisey; it was terrible. I was very disappointed in Perino.

None of the moderators (and several of the candidates) seemed to have any idea of what is and is not within the power of the president, or constitutionally within the power of the federal government itself. I have to say that at least Burgum did, when he said that X was a matter best left to the states.

[Afternoon update]

What was Fox News thinking?

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  1. Unsurprising for the moderators; they are journalists.
    Old-school reporters wouldn’t know anything about a topic but they would investigate so they could ask questions. They still got things wrong of course – there’s only so much you can do before you have to file.
    Journalists on the other hand, have a degree. So they already know everything they need to.

    Candidates not knowing this stuff (or at least pretending not to so they can promise more things) is more worrying.

  2. I don’t learn much from the primary debates except how to be rude to people for success. What was so bad about smoke filled rooms and payoffs to fat cats? That is after all a meritocracy of a sort. Save the debates for the general with just two or three people.

  3. I have a question to any and all here; how can a judge “render a decision” on a matter before the court in a pending case that hasn’t been tried yet?

    “Judge Rules Trump Committed Fraud Amid Ex-President’s Denial

    A judge ruled Tuesday that Donald Trump defrauded banks and insurers for years as he built his real estate empire, a charge the former president has vigorously denied, defending the Trump Organization as a “great company” that’s oft-maligned by a “politically motivated witch hunt.”

    Justice Arthur Engoron made the ruling ahead of the $250 million civil lawsuit being brought against Trump, his adult sons and the Trump Organization by New York Attorney General Letitia James. Engoron agreed with James that Trump overvalued his assets and exaggerated his net worth.”

    Please someone correct me if I am wrong…the judge presiding over the case that hasn’t been tried yet is ruling against Trump before such trial has even started yet!?

  4. At the normal breakfast joint, a regular asked me if I watched. I told him I did not, and mostly because I haven’t enjoyed listening to politicians in decades. More specifically, I noted that last cycle I skipped the debates and I recall reading the transcript of one hosted by Chris Wallace the next day. I compared Wallace’s questions with various polls reflecting the top ten issues by all voters. One question was in the bottom 5 of that top ten. None of the other questions pertained to anything voters listed as their greatest concerns.

    So before coming here, I read AoS on last night’s debate. Apparently, it was more of the same from Fox News. Lots of questions about the UAW strike (not even an interest to most voters, but especially not GOP voters). Questions about immigration and the border, but primarily about retaining DACA, which most GOP voters and growing number of DNC voters probably want to get rid of. I’m struggling to see the value in these debates at all. No surprise, because I’ve discovered with each passing year decreasing value in “news” programs.

  5. Fox is run by Democrats and that is why the debate was the shit show it was. Making Republicans look bad and preventing Republicans from making good choices was the plan.

    1. “Fox is run by Democrats and that is why the debate was the shit show it was.”

      Agreed. The old man Murdoch is retiring and his eldest son is taking over.
      He along with the younger Murdochs are probably the sort of people who want to be considered part of the “mainstream”; included socially invited to the party’s etc. So this is the price you have to pay for that sort of acceptance. Fox News will rapidly become largely indistinguishable from MSNBC, CNN etc. Wonder for instance how long Sean Hannity and Laura Ingram will last under the new regime.

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