9 thoughts on “FEMA Phone Alert Tomorrow”

  1. A great time for an enemy attack. I will consider it a test, be in my shelter monitoring world affairs on various communications circuits, and loading magazines.

    KEEP CALM, and Prepare for DOOM!

  2. This means unless I turn my phone off, it will sound a shrill alarm when I am in class teaching ECE 436 Analog Communication?


    1. Paul – I think that there’s an excellent chance that someone’s phone will sound in your class whether you turn yours off or not.

    2. I came through microwave waveguide class on an hourly exam with a beautiful problem solve for a TE mode transmission line. Took me about 5 to 10 minutes to solve. Then after reviewing my answers with two minutes left I saw that the problem was asking for a TM solution.

      I hold your profession personally responsible for the first time I ever smoked a joint after an exam!

  3. I article does say if you switch your phone to airplane mode prior to the alert going out that will suppress it as well.

  4. My phone went off at 2:18 PM, not sure of the cause of the discrepancy, other than Apple’s automatic time setting being off, everything I have is set from their time server. It also wouldn’t surprise me if they deliberately sent the alert early, to avoid people dodging it.

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