9 thoughts on “In Golden”

  1. “Meanwhile, Galaxy Quest is the best Star Trek movie, bar none.”

    Mega Ditto.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Rand.

  2. Watched the “Hornblower” series on TV quite a while ago. After a few episodes I figured it was Star Trek with sailboats and the French were the Klingons.
    Little did I know that Gene Roddenberry had modeled Star Trek on Hornblower, at least in part. Forbidden Planet also has Star Trek DNA.

      1. Isn’t just about every other TOS episode pretty much The Tempest, with the most Tempest-ie of them all being Requiem for Methusaleh?

  3. Star Trek as originally sold by Roddenberry to the networks didn’t quite live up to the promise of it’s predecessor series. I always wondered what it’d be like to have a fleet of Starships set out to expand humans to Strange New Worlds and not just hop around Navy style.


    These stories are probably the best Star Trek stories…

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