Merry Christmas To All

Even to those who take offense at being wished a merry Christmas. I’m not a Christian, or believer in general, but neither am I one of the too many godless who demonize them.

Given the events of the past several weeks, it has to be a very sad Christmas in the place of Christ’s birth. The home of someone who came to bring peace remains roiled in a brutal war, fought against savage people who, if they ever got the power to eliminate those people from whom He was descended, would next take on the rest of us infidels.

With what’s happening in Ukraine and Israel, it’s perhaps one of the most somber holidays in almost eight decades, but we should rejoice that those of us in America remain at peace for now, and offer our thoughts and hopes and (if you do that) prayers to those who are suffering not just on this day, but for all days.

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