4 thoughts on “How Hamas Hid Their October 7th Planning”

  1. Seems pretty thin to me. I think the interesting negotiations between the US and Iran in the year or so before the attack seems more relevant especially when combined with the over a year of planning on the attacks.

    Sounds to me like the whole thing was meant to be a distraction. It probably would have been more effective, if it had taken place a year ago when Russia had a better presence in the Ukraine war. Not saying they were or weren’t the ultimate planners/incentivizers for the affair, but they’re one of the few parties that could benefit from this. And it’s not beneath Putin.

    1. October 7 a distraction, but a distraction from what?

      So you are hinting at the possibility that October 7 was planned/funded/encouraged/offered incentives from Mr. Putin?

      So Israel was “played” for making nice with Russia and not getting involved supporting Ukraine because they thought they had some kind of a deal with Russia with respect the Russian client state in Syria?

      I am not arguing with you; I am asking if I understand what you are saying.

  2. Consider that the US now has to devote military resources not only to support Israel, but deal with all the bit player attacks in the region. For example, Yemen rebels are launching attacks on Israel and shipping in the Red Sea, for example. They’re not significant attacks at present, but it’s a distraction.

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