10 thoughts on “Ackman’s War To Make Universities Accountable”

  1. I’m concerned about the following quote:

    But as University of Southern California law professor Michael Simkovic notes, outside pressure can influence schools, if anyone cares to exert it: “Universities are deeply financially vulnerable and highly dependent on federal funding and federal policy.”

    My take is that a large part of the reason they’re such universal messes is that dependency on federal funding and policy. Title IX combined with the 2011 “dear colleague” letter by the Obama administration is a glaring example of how bad that can get – the combo was enough to suspend due process and create the presumption of guilt on many campuses.

    I bet these federal rules incentivized the creation and expansion of the ideological administrative systems that are a huge part of the problem.

    My take? Attack problem campuses not by known abusive approaches that helped create the problems in the first place, but through their own rules, reputation, alumni, and prospective students.

  2. “So the obvious solution is to devalue plagiarism as an offense.”

    Lest we forget in this discussion, Mr Biden himself had major plagiarism charges leveled at him back in the 80s. Dumbing down the charges might also be to protect him.

  3. IT IS UNWISE TO ANGER CZAR VLADIMIR, JOE BIDEN TAKES NOTES: Kremlin foe Navalny says he’s been put in a punishment cell in an Arctic prison colony. “Navalny, 47, is jailed on charges of extremism. He had been imprisoned in the Vladimir region of central Russia, about 230 kilometers (140 miles) east of Moscow but was transferred last month to a ‘special regime’ penal colony — the highest security level of prisons in Russia — above the Arctic Circle.”
    Posted at 11:42 am by Stephen Green

    It seems if we had global warming, it would be less secure.

  4. I see Ackman has found out the editor of Business Insider is guilty of plagiarism in his doctoral dissertation. Good, BI is one of the publications that defamed me. I’m too poor to file suits or defend myself. But I will hold a grudge forever.

    1. I’ve always wondered if BI is really a some kind of disinformation op. But I have neither evidence or proof.

      In the meantime I think this lyric is apropos and the song itself should be the BI anthem.

      But what’s puzzling you
      Is the nature of my game.
      Oh yeah.

      1. I’ve always wondered if BI is really a some kind of disinformation op.

        The obvious one would be market manipulation. Even just mentioning a business could push its stock price. It’s an easy way to introduce volatility which is great for short term trading.

        Can’t say whether BI does that, but I wouldn’t trust anyone in the business advice field.

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