7 thoughts on “If They Can Do It To Trump”

  1. They count on the GOP remaining too timid to do the things they are willing to do and so far they have been correct.

    The left can also always count on the media to spin any such reciprocal action by the GOP as fascism etc irregardless of their being guilty of the same thing. And a large portion of the population is stupid enough to fall for the media version.

  2. When Republicans screw up, that’s the story.

    When Democrats screw up, Republicans’ reaction is the story.

    As noted above, so far it’s worked.

    So far.

  3. They wont let Republicans act like them, see Jan 6.

    “What are the rules for picking someone else at the convention?”

    The rules will be whatever deception is crafted to create the suspension of disbelief in the Democrat party that their primary wasn’t rigged. They will be announced after the rigging has taken place but before the public knows.

    Look for articles commiesplaining what will take place to prepare the audience for the reveal.

  4. “The rules will be whatever deception is crafted to create the suspension of disbelief in the Democrat party that their primary wasn’t rigged”

    The Dems “superdelegate” system is how you dump a candidate (Biden) who wins the primary vote(s).:

    “In Democratic National Conventions, superdelegates—described in formal party rules as the party leaders and elected official (PLEO) category—make up slightly under 15% of all convention delegates. Before 2018, Democratic superdelegates were free to support any candidate for the presidential nomination in all rounds of balloting. (This contrasts with pledged delegates, who were selected based on the party presidential primaries and caucuses in each U.S. state, in which voters choose among candidates for the party’s presidential nomination.) In 2018, the Democratic National Committee reduced the influence of superdelegates by barring them from voting on the first ballot at the Democratic National Convention, allowing them to vote only in a contested convention.”


    So you would need a “contested convention” whatever that means, and that would give the superdelegates the means to vote (against Biden).

  5. If Biden leaves the ballot after the convention has adjourned, the Democratic National Committee (about 400 people, IIRC) can replace him with whoever they want up until the point(s) where each state prints their ballots.

    Even after that — note that the candidate is technically NOT on the ballot. The electors are. So if Biden is not a candidate, the ballots can still be printed with his electors, and those electors can be instructed to vote for whoever the DNC (what an APPROPRIATE acronym) designates. So technically he can withdraw anytime up until mid-December with no legal constraints.

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