6 thoughts on “Open Borders And Closed COurts”

  1. An American walks into a hardware store. He notices most of the other customers have brown skin and are speaking Spanish. There is sawdust on their brows and paint splattered on their boots. He buys something and walks out. There is nothing else he can do.

    1. A North American has a new roof put on his house. The American crew shows up all speaking Spanish including the foreman. However the bi-lingual contractor liaison shows up and gives occasional clarification to the foreman. They do excellent work by-the-way.

      The North American comes away shaking his head. Why can’t we do that kind of quality work anymore? Is it too physically hard for us? Do roofers need to make well into 6 figures, possibly 7 figures annually to compete with the Ivy League schools? The same schools that more and more can’t deliver equivalent remuneration after graduation either?

  2. It’s my opinion that this is a problem of wealth. Most people don’t appreciate that we are so wealthy that most have no idea of real hunger, or the hunger to avoid that condition. Prejudiced on the matter with my wife and crew from Mexico. Very few young citizens in the construction trades locally.

    1. It’s amazing all the suffering that comes from a mean look 12 years ago. The stigmata of Michael Mann are quite impressive.

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