11 thoughts on “Keep It Up”

  1. I just recently read a statement from an IDF official claiming “half” of Hamas had been killed. With an organization like Hamas 50% killed isn’t victory. You have to kill them all or as close to all as possible.

    1. …they’re claiming Biden staffers are telling people Biden supports depends. When asked depending upon what? They replied: “Just Depends™”… -FTFY

  2. Republicans are being slammed for their lack of talent at “messaging”. This situation is one where messaging is simple. Rather than calling the demonstrators-protesters-rioters pro-Hamas (too positive sounding, especially when most people don’t know what Hamas is) or anti-Semitic (an term that is only considered a slur when used on critics of George Soros – and even then without understanding of why it’s a slur), we should call them what they are: pro-Holocaust.

    1. Republicans aren’t even trying to burst the carefully crafted illusion that these are randos doing protests for Hamas rather than the DNC organizing them with the full support of the Democrat activist network.

  3. I was expecting more from Hamas but when Israel won’t even use roads and scrapes everything made by man or nature off down to the sand, it is hard to prepare a game plan.

    Whatever lessons there are to learn about drone warfare in Ukraine, Israel already knew them.

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