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        1. So maybe it was right as far as it’s web-scraper was allowed to go? (images.computerhistory.org ?) Not having a rule that said all founders were male and wearing white shirts with ties? A rule that only applies to the aforementioned image?

      1. “Gemini, please generate an image of a high cliff.”

        doink doink doink done…

        “Gemini now superimpose an image of a highway”

        doink doink doink done.

        “Gemini now superimpose a movie showing some vehicular traffic on that highway”

        doink doink boink!

        Gemini: “I can only show vehicular traffic going in one direction. Would that be ok?”

  1. Yes. What exactly are the monetization plans for these enormous text generators, and how will the recover the cost of all that centralized computing? It’s bad enough that one has to wade through listings selling things that can’t be bought or selling things that barely match the search terms. Sounds like they expect product placement in custom produced prose and text and images, with no way for you to confirm the sources, will result in Profit!.

    Then again, Brandon supposedly got 81 million people to vote for him.

    (The AI generated calendar images that have appeared over at Lileks.com the past month or so give the game away. The AI can fit the all boxes with number-like symbols together with straight lines, but has no idea what the underlying patterns and symbols are that makes it a calendar. Do any of them understand why “4” comes before “5” and not “þ”, or why there shouldn’t be 13 boxes in a row? The same goes for the signs filled with gibberish.)

    1. Or the cars driving on the surface of a canal in a downtown city. It’s fascinating. I think this is a good use of the technology (really) because it takes elements of art that are often used to the point of clich (like the profile of a man staring into the distance) and subtly parodies it with pretty good eye candy.

  2. “Again, the left says it doesn’t happen yet when President George Bush instituted the Department of Homeland Security bureaucracy after 9/11, some leftists warned that the “state” would be used to investigate private citizens for political reasons. ”

    We should have listened to them because they were telling us what they were going to do. They did a similar thing with Citizens United and their dark money and activist networks.

  3. Freedom of Speech, the rule of law, basic freedom and decency…

    1789-2024….we’ve had a good run.

    1. It isn’t gone yet. Free speech still exists on X, which is why the State has launched an all-out assault on Elon.

      Elon is the most valuable human being alive at this time.

  4. This is related to free speech because a slow-walked Freedom of Information (FOI) request has revealed the large number of times a succession of two of Mr. Biden’s dogs had bitten Secret Service agents and other staff before said dogs had their White House passes revoked.

    To me, that communicates a high level of indifference to people working for you, perhaps contemp.

    C’mon man! You don’t let your dog bite the man who protects you.

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