6 thoughts on “Punitive Damages”

  1. There are the known unknown climate tipping points and then there are the known known climate tipping points.

  2. It didn’t occur to me until just now, but the verdict in your trial might be cited as precedent for the psychotic New York judge who fined Trump $355 million. The cases are similar: no one even tried to prove any damages in either, so there was no “victim”. They are dissimilar in that Trump’s case didn’t even have a plaintiff, though one might argue persuasively that yours didn’t, either.

    1. Let’s not forget the ridiculous E Jean Kelly case.

      I would say we’re shifting to an Ancient Greek legal system where angry mobs punish perceived transgressions. New York, DC, and other blue city juries just want to destroy any Republicans they can reach.

  3. Letters of Marque and Reprisal was a custom where states would license so-called ‘privateers’ to prey upon others — legal pirates as it were. The modern practice of encouraging trial lawyers to pursue ‘punitive damages’ is fraught with potential corruption.

  4. This seems particularly applicable, considering the plaintiff lawyers suggestion to the jury that they send a message to everyone that fights the climate change agenda.

    “Instead, the Court noted at trial that plaintiff’s attorney has asked the jury to “think about how many other Jesse Williams in the last 40 years in the State of Oregon there have been.” The Court held that the Due Process Clause does not permit a jury to base a punitive damages award on its desire to punish the defendant for harming persons who are not parties to the suit.”

  5. I think the left has found what they see as an ideal way to start that race war they’ve always dreamed of, as the Black DA’s and prosecutors seize the property of the White MAGA hero.

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