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  1. This is exactly the course I predicted what nearly 4 years ago?

    It’s a virus, viruses mutate. Viruses mutate to the form most advantageous to meet its one and only goal, to reproduce. That’s done most effectively when it is highly contagious but keeps the host alive to breed the next advantageous mutation. Killing the host is never advantageous to a virus and is a sign of what I call an immature virus. Like those malevolent teen years humans go through.

    COVID-19 in its alpha-beta-delta form with no prior immunity was bad news. Yes it disproportionately affected the elderly, the obese and those with other co-morbidities. If you were under age 50 chances are you’d get very sick but get over it. If you were under age 30 probably only mildly sick or not sick at all. By the time it hit the Omicron mutation, no big deal, just another cold/flu like virus and you are almost 100% guaranteed to be exposed to it.

    Masking was always a joke, unless you were already sick.
    You’d need at least an N95 or something better. If you can smell cigarette smoke through your mask, it ain’t doing squat to protect you from COVID, flu or the common cold.

    We already know the 6′ guideline was pulled out of Fauci’s nether regions.

    The key thing to remember is viral loading. The more confined the space you are in with the sick the worse off you will be. Note: cruise ships and nursing homes.

    1. So…It was more deadly initially but not so deadly now. Hence the justification for the stronger recommendations in the past and the weaker recommendations now. I don’t see how their current recommendations makes the arguments that the earlier recommendation should be as weak as they are now.

      1. It wasn’t deadly back then, either. As with all disease, it was worse for the elderly, obese, and environmentally stressed. If valid stats ever get out, I think we’ll find out the countermeasures killed way more people than the virus. Our individual rights are more important than our safety, when life, liberty and the guns of happinefs.

        1. It was bad. Worse than the seasonal flu or cold for those who were susceptible. I believe the figures from John Hopkins back when they were tracking it. Somewhere between 800,000 and 1 million deaths in the US attributable. Far more worldwide. It did a number on Northern Italy. You’re not going to convince someone who lost a family member to SARS-CoV2 that it wasn’t deadly or dangerous in alpha-beta-delta forms. Horrible that those who lost elderly parents, that they had to suffer and die in isolation. I don’t know that we have any better answers now than we did then. We keep screwing around with GoF and the next one that is at 30% mortality is going to make COVID-19 look like a walk in the park.

          1. What’s interesting is I’m estimating it took WIV about 18 mos starting around 2017 to get from a bat virus to SARS-CoV2 Alpha in the lab. Or maybe about 9 mos to get from RaTG13 once isolated to the SARS-CoV2 progenitor to Alpha. Once it broke out into the wild, we had Beta in about 2 mos after that and Delta in about a month after that, not counting the many side variants that appeared in the UK, South Africa and elsewhere. Serial passage indeed. The world makes quite the laboratory.

          2. The CIA reported that the WIV had ordered incinerating air filters in September 2019.

            Considering the lead time for delivery and installation, about 3 months too late.

            We won’t discuss serial passage experiments conducted under BSL-2 conditions.

        2. It was very deadly. Far deadlier than the average flu season which usually kills more than any other annual virus. They were building out our local ICU because of the overload. I lost several acquaintances which I never had happen because of influenza. So, the 1.2 million deaths recorded in the US seem reasonable to me. There needs to be a balance between safety and rights. Not all the one or the other.

          1. If you try to make that balance you soon find you have neither.

            The flu kills a million people a year, except 2020 when that number dropped to zero. Two explanations for that are 1. Covid killed people who would normally have died of the flu or 2. Influenza deaths were recorded as covid deaths.

            I lean towards 2. They lied to make it seem worse than it was to force mail in voting so they could cheat in the election.

          2. The flu morbidity in the US has held steady for several decades with spikes a little above 5,000 during peak season months to well below 1,000 during non peak months. I’d guesstimate from the chart we’d be in the low to middle thousands range annually spiking to the low 10K range in an epidemic season for the entire US. COVID-19 was definitely an obvious outlier.


          3. The flu kills a million people a year, except 2020 when that number dropped to zero. Two explanations for that are 1. Covid killed people who would normally have died of the flu or 2. Influenza deaths were recorded as covid deaths.

            Or the third explanation: the procedures for reducing the spread of air borne diseases worked so well that diseases less infectious than covid, like the current strains of flu, didn’t spread at all. If you don’t get the flu, then you can’t die from it.

      2. Posit that Covid caused 1.5 M deaths among people with an average of 10 years left of life. Further, the government response to Covid is causing 30,000 deaths per year among a population with an average of 60 years left of life, and will for 5 years.


        So Covid direct deaths amount to 15 M lost years; government response deaths amount to 9 M lost years. So the government response would need to have reduced deaths by >50% in order to break even. If you look at deaths in places with extreme lockdowns vs places with no lockdowns, the data does not support that.

        In fact, it supports the opposite. The government lockdowns forced people into close proximity with each other, and caused excess deaths. This was extremely obvious in places like New York and Italy (where they “sang to each other” to keep their spirits up), but simple data analysis makes it obvious in other places.

        1. So Covid direct deaths amount to 15 M lost years; government response deaths amount to 1.8 M lost years.

          Fixed that math for you.

  2. I have had it three times. Lucky me. Oddly, the last during the Omicron series was easily the worst for me. Go figure…

  3. Y’all should also remember that the Deep State discouraged any early stage treatments. They vilified HCQ/Z-pack and ivermectin and numerous other remedies when those COULD have helped many people in the at risk groups. Not to mention slow-dragging numerous innovative blood infusion techniques. All in favor of anything that Fauci had a financial stake in.

    Heads need truly to roll.

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