5 thoughts on “Trump Lawfare”

  1. A lot of people believe the more indictments the guiltier and the higher the monetary penalty the worse the crime but these over the top charges and punishments show the prosecutions are fake.

    The more absurd things are, the more people should question them. Why don’t they?

  2. “The more absurd things are, the more people should question them. Why don’t they?”

    Because people are assured by people from MSNBC /CNN etcetera that they’re not absurd.
    One thing the links didn’t mention on the subject of Trump’s claims of presidential immunity parallel arguments were submitted to Florida judge cannon on the question not only of Trump’s immunity arguments but also in the legitimacy (or lack of legitimacy) on Jack Smith appointment i.e. He wasn’t properly appointed as a special counsel by Garland. This was originally submitted as an amicus brief to SCOTUS by ex AG Ed Meese and other law professors, it’s now been adapted by Trump’s defense team. If she (judge Cannon) ruled in Trump’s favor either on the legitimacy or lack of legitimacy of Jack Smith appointment as special council or Trump’s claims of immunity that can theoretically affect the Supreme Court’s decision.

  3. I think we’ll know the lawfare went out of control when Democrats get hit by friendly fire.

  4. NY AG Letia James will likely have her own problems if Trump get elected:
    “Letitia James’ GHOST DONORS Fund EXTRAVAGANT Lifestyle”


    Ghost Donor Scam Rocks NY: Is AG Letitia James Involved? The Shocking Truth Uncovered!


    Suspicious amounts and number of donations made to her from (apparently) real people who when asked don’t know anything about making said donations. There is also the curious fact of hers’ (James) explosion of net worth from ~150K in 2010 to apparently a whopping 15 million now.

    “James’ net worth was estimated to have lept from $150,000 in 2010 to $14 million in 2023.”


    Wow…that`s about a 42% annual return roughly speaking. The Dems in NY obviously won’t touch this and so far not much being said from the republicans either; but if Trump gets re-elected lead pipe cinch a special prosecutor will look into this.

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