Pro-German Protesters Demand Ceasefire

WASHINGTON (Routers) — February 16th, 1945

The National Mall was filled with dozens of angry pro-German protesters wearing Swastika armbands today demanding an end to the genocide in Germany by the Roosevelt administration and an immediate ceasefire in the Allied advance past the Rhine. Many of them were students from Columbia and Harvard Universities.

“Dresden has been leveled, and millions, including children and babies, have been murdered! Women and girls of all ages are being raped in eastern Germany by the Russians!,” shouted one of the marchers, amid chants of “Vom Fluss bis zum Meer wird Deutschland frei sein!” (From the river to the sea, Germany shall be free) and “Free Germany!” When asked which river or sea, few could name either, though a handful said that the river was probably the Danube.

In response to charges that the Germans had been running death camps in places like Auschwitz in Poland, the protest leaders cried out “Soviet lies! The Germans are simply seeking liberation from the Jewish settlers who have been oppressing them for centuries! They are simply demanding their birthright of liebensraum.”

A State Department spokesman attempted to be diplomatic. “We understand the concerns of the pro-Germans for the German people, but civilians die in war. There can be no talk of a ceasefire until all of the Allied prisoners have been released, the camp residents liberated, and the Nazis out of power. Germany started this war by invading first Poland, then France, and this is the consequence of it. We simply cannot leave Hitler in power in Germany, or we know that he will attack France again. He has stated as his goal the conquest of all of Europe, and beyond. We must finish the job.”

However, the protesters were not appeased, continuing to demand that the Allies immediately lay down their arms, chanting “This is what decolonization looks like!” The protests are expected to continue until the protesters’ demands are met.

20 thoughts on “Pro-German Protesters Demand Ceasefire”

  1. The parallels are striking.
    For those from the Ivies with unsoiled hands, a piece of advice: Arbeit macht frei

  2. Commies gonna commie

    GOP should be wedging this issue as hard as Democrats and their global fellow travelers are using Ukraine to wedge the GOP

  3. I see the parallel that you are making to Gaza. Sadly, there are no good guys in this fight. Israel has done atrocities just as much as Hamas which much of the world sees.

      1. Respectfully, since this is your blog, I do not believe that international reporting supports that statement. As an evangelical Christian, for many decades I was pro-Israel. I still believe that the covenants of God with Abraham apply, but I do not believe that gives Israel carte blanche to do evil acts.

          1. Stated differently, “What is World Opinion, but a bunch of reporters talking to each other?”

          2. Stated differently, “What is World Opinion, but a bunch of reporters talking to each other?”

            I’m reminded of the Algonquin Round Table . Only this time we are the butt of the practical joke. If you imagine “World Opinion” as being represented in portraiture, this story seems approps:

            A number of Round Tablers were inveterate practical jokers, constantly pulling pranks on one another. As time went on the jokes became ever more elaborate. Harold Ross and Jane Grant once spent weeks playing a particularly memorable joke on Woollcott involving a prized portrait of himself. They had several copies made, each slightly more askew than the last, and would periodically secretly swap them out and then later comment to Woollcott “What on earth is wrong with your portrait?” until Woollcott was beside himself. Eventually they returned the original portrait.

    1. War is a history of atrocities. Dresden comes to mind or if you prefer Operation Meetinghouse.

      puris manibus mittent lapides

      The IDF could have made this much much worse with Hamas fighters intentionally taking refuge in schools and hospitals.

      Seriously, after the Twin Towers fell did we give much of a f*ck about Fallujah or the turkey shoot at the so-called Battle of Qala-i-Jangi? 86 out of 1000….

    2. Is there an actual problem even? I give Israel a lot of latitude after that heinous Hamas attack. And I find it interesting how little detail and context there is to the alleged Israeli actions.

    3. Israel has done atrocities just as much as Hamas

      Have they, though? I’ve seen a lot of hyperventilating on social media (almost always repeating Hamas propaganda), but in every case it seems to be either unconfirmed, a gross exaggeration (the 30k civilian casualties fiction), or the result of a Hamas own-goal (the “hospital bombing” that turned out to be a Pali rocket that landing in the parking lot).

    1. Iran (via its Shiite Arab allies) bombed Israel’s embassy in Buenos Aires in 1992.

      Further, while I am not an expert on international law, in general a country is not allowed to use a diplomatic facility for military purposes and then claim legal immunity.

  4. If a ceasefire is so important, Hamas can declare one at any time. Why do I never hear anyone urging that?

    Of course, any unilateral ceasefire by Hamas would be like the ceasefire that Lee declared at Appomattox C.H. a while back.

    And I love how the Hamasites are claiming “Israeli attrocities” as a reason to condemn Israeli actions, considering that Hamas atrocities started this little war.

  5. I linked this at Chicago Boyz, and added this thought: “That brought to mind something I’ve pondered recently: does the Third Reich seem so unique at least in part because we never had a chance to see what the Aztecs, Moghuls, ancient Mesopotamian civilizations, and other pre-industrial empires would do if they had mid-20th Century technology? I can imagine boxcars unloading people at Tenochtitlan…”

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