9 thoughts on “End Of An Era”

  1. I thought for a second I was looking at a stealth rocket. Then I noticed the countdown clock at T+9m lol.

  2. Ad astra D-IVH. It was a good run.

    And then there were two: SLS and the Centaur upper stage (RS25E and RL10).

    Along the lines of cramming angels on pinheads, wither the fate of densified LH2?

    Outside of launch pad tank storage at LC-39B does anyone think this work will expand to the two remaining rockets?

    After all, taxpayer money is free money…

  3. Wasn’t Delta IV basically obsolete from the get-go? A hydrogen-fueled first stage was a suboptimality necessitated by the US’s post-Saturn neglect of hydrocarbon-engine technology.

    1. I think the precipitous post-Apollo NASA budget cuts resulted in the engendering of a sort of “poverty shock” mindset in the agency that still persists. Among the knock-on effects was the pervasive tendency to cling like an abalone to what projects were still on offer even when budget limits resulted in the making of design compromises that would ultimately prove disastrous down the road. At the same time, no such thing afflicted the legacy contractors which never really adjusted to the passing of the cost-is-no-object days.

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