6 thoughts on “Good News”

    1. As long as they don’t try and sneak it in under different names.

      Because that has never happened before, amirite?

      This reminds me of a story I read about a hunt for scammers and justice: Anatomy of a Scam. One of the notable behaviors of the scammer was innumerable business names which changed frequently so that they stayed one step ahead of lawsuits and the law. The story takes place over seven years and eventually has a good ending to it.

  1. Despite all attempts to kill it off, the religion of slaves and women ultimately wrecked the Principate and swiftly took over the Dominate that followed. Marxism is the religion of boobs and assholes and bids fair to do the same to us.

  2. It will never die. We have to be reconciled to that.

    But it can be relegated to minimal impact if we work hard enough.

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