7 thoughts on “The Reckoning Over Puberty Blockers”

  1. It is to cry….I am ashamed my profession bought into this: This is the moral equivalent of the nazi medical experiments

  2. Evidence based medicine was supposed to fix all this. Makes perfect sense, SCIENCE!. Until you factor in that some large proportion of research, maybe half, maybe more, is most charitably described as non-reproducible with probably a third or better simply made up fraud with the rest the product of incompetence.

    Then there’s the problem that few real patients match study participants. The most glaring discrepancy is that almost all studies eliminate patients with other conditions, doctors usually don’t have that luxury. The ones that don’t, require many more participants and cost much more.

  3. In high school my daughter’s “friend” talked her into the idea that she was actually a boy, so my daughter launched into a campaign to start down that road. I was dead set against it, but my wife bought into the line that it was better to help her transition than to lose her to suicide. I’d seen the numbers that said transitioning doesn’t lower the astronomical suicide risk, but I’m just the dad so no one listened to me.

    After testosterone therapy that permanently destroyed her beautiful soprano singing voice and “top surgery” that turned out to be a lot more of a major deal than had been sold to her, she finally came to her senses enough to admit that she’s not a boy and that she’d been duped.

    Now she’s a “run-of-the-mill lesbian” with a flat chest and a strange, mannish voice whose pronouns are they/them, but at least she’s not talking about chopping up her genitals anymore.

    The most infuriating thing about it for me is that nowhere along the way did any doctor, councilor or therapist suggest that she wait a little while to be sure this was what she really wanted. Somehow, after only talking with her for thirty minutes, they were all eagerly affirming to her that transitioning was the best thing for her, and the sooner the better.

  4. The doctors, teachers etc should be afraid of the revenge of “the mutilated” as Kurt Schlichter calls them in one of his recent novels.

    A lot of this might go away with “I think I’m a boy/girl” a swift clip over the ear “Don’t be stupid – what is between your legs? – that’s what you are – get used to it.”

  5. Hmm. Bad things always seem to happen to all the right people.


    I’m probably wrong.

  6. The “recovered memory” scam ended abruptly when victims started suing the “practitioners” and the insurance companies pulled malpractice cover. This will be the same. These sad, mutilated, neutered individuals are a malpractice defense lawyer’s worst nightmare.

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