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  1. Ruling Smith has no standing will only delay the lawfare. So long as Merritt Garland is free to look under other rocks at the DNCDoJ for a US Attorney. Shouldn’t be too hard a task in the swamp. Might not get a conviction before the general election but they can keep Trump off the campaign stump with a sympathetic judge. The Stormy Daniels trial has shown the way. Too bad for Democrats we can’t have mail-in verdicts.

  2. Julie Kelly reports something we all knew. Her X thread, which Gateway Pundit also picked up.

    The White House was coordinating with NARA, DOE, DoJ, and Jack Smith to go after Trump. Smith had redacted the information, but the judge unredacted and released it.

      1. The same amicus brief has also been submitted to Judge Aileen Cannon:

        “The Meese-Citizens United motion says their brief intends to focus on an issue previously raised by Trump in a Feb. 22 motion to dismiss — an Appointments Clause attack on the basic fact that special prosecutor Jack Smith is even working on the Mar-a-Lago case at all.”

        Mar-a-Lago judge will consider legal arguments from Stephen Miller legal group and Federalist Society co-founder


        So entirely separate from SCOTUS judge Cannon (increasingly annoyed with Smith) could remove him from the case on those grounds.

    1. More in Ms. Kelly’s X thread. Apparently there was at least one pallet load of boxes at the National Archives containing boxes of “documents” that were shipped to Mar-a-Largo at the behest of the archives not the ex-Trump admin. Supposedly in order to free up space at the archives. PRIOR to the investigation into Trump retaining classified documents illegally. And PRIOR to the revocation of his Q clearance by the DOE. Beware what the FedEx guy delivers you a few hours before the FBI comes knocking with a ram.

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