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  1. A Voice Of Reason From Gaza

    It was never Hamas nor Gaza that was in control, it was Tehran.

    The best thing that can happen for Gaza now is for it to be annexed. Hamas members ruthlessly hunted down, tried and executed for their crimes and the whole strip resettled by botand rebuilth Gazans and by Israelis and rebuilt by Israel.

    Gazans can either learn to live together with Jews in a democracy or die as fascist criminals. As an American, I don’t really care which.

    1. One of the more interesting features of the rebuild will be hospitals, schools and mosques that don’t have 3 levels of sub-basement that all interconnect with areas set aside for rocket storage and construction.

      Imagine a hospital basement that holds just a CT scanner without the necessary accompanying racks of AK-47s?

      Or a school basement that holds books instead of mortars and grenades with a connecting tunnel to obtain the AKs from the hospital basement?

      How will any healing and education ever get done under these circumstances?

  2. botand rebuilth Gazans and by Israelis and rebuilt by Israel.

    “…resettled by both Gazans and by Israelis and rebuilt by Israel.”
    Sorry, cut and paste screw-up.

  3. Administrators -> professors -> students

    In that order. Trustees you want an endowment? Start handing out the pink slips. Robert Kraft has got it right.

  4. Last I heard from Adam Guillette of Accuracy In Media, the plan was to send the doxxing trucks to the affluent parental neighborhoods of Columbia students taking the antisemite / pro-Hamas / “River to the Sea” stance with their kids photographs in prominence, all across the US. At least that’s what I heard on the Howie Carr Show about two weeks ago. Don’t know where that has gotten. I suppose to be legal the students have to be over 18. Shouldn’t be a problem for Columbia students, but AIM had better make damn sure they are.

    1. When I was on campus I remember the protests and marches to overthrow the Shah of Iran. Replete with face masks. Then the Ayatollah took over. Most of the remaining Persian males still on campus were desperate to find any American woman they could marry in oder to stay the hell here. Life expectancy back home for the perceived wealthy, illegitimate beneficiaries of the corrupt Shah’s regime was not good. That’s when I more or less decided that student movements largely belong in the dustbin of history.

  5. The average protester/camper/inmate couldn’t find Gaza on a map to save their life, let alone articulate an even semi-coherent rational for why they have occupied their campus. Apparently, matriculating to a “highly selective” institution of higher education doesn’t require the ability to think. someting that should give pause to anyone contemplating giving one of the “activists” a job. Assuming their advocacy of the “final solution” proved unpersuasive.

    This is being entirely orchestrated by outsiders, mostly associated with Soros. Those are the core of the cadres enforcing discipline and preventing outside contacts. These would cheerfully walk over the bodies of every man, woman and child in Gaza if it furthered their agenda. The tender regard of the Iranians towards Arabs, let alone Palestinians, make the Soros crowd look positively beatific.

    1. Speaking of ’68, it looks like this year’s DNC might be a re-run of that sh*tshow, thanks to outside agitators.

      What is it about Chicago that seems to bring out the best in Democrats?

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