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  1. OK this meme here is fairly well played out, but, but, I just can’t help myself. The subtitles are just too good. Potentially NSFW.

      1. It never gets old. And the proliferation of the meanings of the word “Steiner” never cease to amuse or amaze.

      1. Well, her family was drug through the mud for rather ordinary things like having sex out of wedlock while Hunter and his sister are treated as the height of morality when both of them are closer to how the Palins were portrayed in the media.

        If you were to stereotype poor white people, it would be an accurate representation of the filthy rich Bidens

  2. We’re told these people won’t vote for Trump because he’s “mean”, or too uncouth, or from Queens, or something. So instead they vote for St.Hillary! or Brandon, a pair of scoundrels who’ve done everything (and more) that Trump has been accused of.

  3. Joe Biden is and always has been a profoundly stupid and corrupt man. His obvious mental decline has only made things worse. The only people more stupid that Joe Biden are those who believe he is fit to perform and deserving of the presidency. His term in office, which is Obama’s third term, has been an unmitigated disaster.

  4. Suppose as it is somewhat becoming more likely that rather than a guilty verdict in the Bragg case there is instead a hung jury. There are two lawyers in said jury that might be appalled at the weakness/corruption of the case against Trump and one or both refuse to convict, hanging the jury. Could the judge (merchan) angrily declare a mistrial and order a new trial?

  5. Could the judge (merchan) angrily declare a mistrial and order a new trial?

    Why should he be angry? Assuming the jury is out in deliberations for a couple of weeks (an extra week that will likely be mandated by Merchan himself) and Trump has to be in court every day the jury sits in case a verdict is rendered that’s two more weeks keeping him off the campaign trail. Which is exactly what he wants. Then he gets to do it all over again. But now it’s in June or maybe July. Trump will have to accept the Republican nomination at the RNC in abstentia. Perfect optics if you’re a Democrat. Always remember: It’s the process that’s the punishment. Verdicts are irrelevant.

  6. “Why should he be angry”

    Angry because he’s itching for that guilty verdict so that he can sentence Trump to prison; he’ll settle for off the campaign trail but he would really really like to make him do the perp walk. Like he’s trying to screw up his courage to put Donald Trump in jail for violating that bogus gag order; seriously itching to lock him up. A hung jury (especially in a Manhattan courtroom) would be embarrassing to Alvin Bragg and the judge and the media for that matter.

    1. Only to be overturned on appeal. No better to have Trump sitting in court awaiting a verdict instead of able to attend his inauguration.

      1. Didn’t they make a movie about this? Wasn’t it called Escape From New York or something like that?

    2. Angry because he’s itching for that guilty verdict so that he can sentence Trump to prison
      Merchan doesn’t need a verdict to do that. Just another gag order violation… An orange suit to match the hair…

  7. A vote for Biden is a vote to continue the Obama 3rd term and a vote to continue the control of the Deeply Left Deep State.

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