4 thoughts on “Dick Rutan”

  1. I remember fondly having enjoying bison burgers in “The Voyager” cafe with Dick Rutan up at Mojave, when Mojave was a hotbed of RLV development. He was a really interesting guy, and I’m glad to have had the opportunity to spend even a little time with him.

  2. I met him at Oshkosh, I’m pretty sure in 1981. We had a pleasant conversation about the Voyager project which had been announced shortly before. He showed me some of the early design drawings which hadn’t been released yet. He also introduced me to Jeana Yeager. That’s a great memory. Terrific pilot and a good guy.

    RIP Misty 40. You’ll be missed.

  3. Dick was a great guy, very approachable. Had several nice lunches with him at the Voyager. I had hoped to see him when I last visited Burt in his retirement “cabin*” (Dick lived next door) but he was in ill health last fall. Ave Atque Vale!

    (*that sleeps 15…so, no not a cabin, no matter what Burt says)

    Jeana Yeager used to work for me in my first rocket company, back in 1981.

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