One thought on “College Admissions”

  1. Nighttime on campus. Chants, bullhorns, screams can be heard in the background, but speech is indiscernible. Lighting flickers as if fires have been set.

    Dr. F [School Chancellor] : Now Igor, I want to talk to you about something. Do sit down. No, no here, on the chair. That’s better. Now, about that criterion we discussed for our admissions process. Do you remember?

    Igor: [Head of the Admissions Committee] Nods head in affirmative

    Dr. F: Good. Now I want to ask you some questions. Do you remember we discussed GPA requirements?

    Igor: Yes, sir. You said: A-B something.

    Dr. F: Yes, but then we also discussed other requirements. Such as student extra curricular activities, social justice and past activism. Do you remember?

    Igor: Nods

    Dr. F: Now the students we’ve admitted over the past three semesters. You didn’t admit them all based on GPA, nor Standardized Testing, did you?

    Igor: Well, no sir. I did not.

    Dr. F: Good! Good. Now this is very important Igor. I want you to tell me the NAMES of the students you recruited, starting with the first.

    Igor: Promise you won’t be angry?

    Dr. F: I WILL NOT, be angry….

    Igor: Umm, let me see, um um, Abby someone. Yes, yes, I believe that’s right.

    Dr. F: “Abby, someone”… Abby whom?

    Igor: Let me see. Umm Abby….. HOFFMAN! That’s it. I’m quite sure now!

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