3 thoughts on “California Homelessness”

  1. The Unhoused Militia is a weapon wielded against the populace.

    In the city I live in, the Democrats brought in a bunch of hobos and bought them all tents, yes the same model, and camped them out in front of City Hall until the City Council caved in and spent millions and millions on Democrat NGOs.

    Whenever the Mayor tried to do something about the problem, the Governor would step in and block it, even using state lands within the city to quarter the Unhoused Militia.

  2. If they allowed homeless folk to camp for free on Federal land, I’d head out. Sell everything but my camping gear, buy a new AWD vehicle with the proceeds, and live free until I died (yes, I once lived in NH). Tent, shower stall, Coleman stove and lamp, potty-style camp toilet (you dig a hole under it and don’t use the bow unless you have to), a few tools, a few hundred of my favorite books. (We won’t mention things like guns, bows, knives, etc. Big Deepstater is probably watching. Or his little birdie here.)

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