5 thoughts on “Suing Protesters”

  1. Have to get to the people funding it all, which will be extremely difficult, I think. The idiots on the street have nothing to take.

    1. Depends. People arrested in Portland during the Trump years were hobos, children of wealthy parents, employees of of the local Democrat politicians, professors/teachers, and tech workers.

      Tim Kaine’s son was arrested for beating people in the WI capitol.

      But process is punishment, like what happened to Rand.

  2. Good chance they would get a judge who would agree that because they wore a mask or they all wore the same color clothing that it is impossible to identify anyone or that they all just randomly showed up and there is no organization or leadership.

    Won’t know until they try.

    1. Used to be a lot of states in the former Confederacy had laws against wearing masks intended to make it harder to hold Klan rallies. Those laws need to be enforced. (And even back then, Democrat prosecutors had a tendency to neglect to or selectively enforce them.)

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