Victoria Nuland

An interview:

This is the mindset that has created such a disaster in the Middle East:

Where do you see the Israel-Hamas war heading?

Essentially, there are two paths on the table. There is continuing this war with all of the destruction and horror and lack of clarity about how you end Hamas’ reign of terror.

The other path is the route that the administration and allies and partners and a lot of countries in the Gulf are pushing, and a lot of Israelis want, which is: a hostage deal leads to a long-term cease-fire, leads to a better future for Palestinians both in the West Bank and in Gaza, leads to Saudi-Israel normalization and a path to two states, and a region where the ideology and the violence that Hamas is offering is beaten by more opening, more opportunity, more peace, more stability.

You end Hamas’ reign of terror by decisively defeating Hamas, just as we ended the Nazis’ reign of terror by decisively defeating the Nazis, and we ended the Japanese empire’s reign of terror by decisively defeating the imperial Japanese forces. There is no lack of clarity there. Unfortunately, she and the Democrats since the end of the war have been unwilling to allow either America or Israel to win a war. When you fight wars, and particularly when you fight a war against an enemy that uses its own population as human shields, civilians are going to die. Israel does more than any nation in history, including us, to minimize civilian casualties, and will continue to do so because, unlike Hamas which worships death, the Jews worship life.

As for her second path, it’s a continuing fantasy. A hostage deal that leaves Hamas in place will just set up another October 7. We can be sure of this because they continually tell us this. There was a ceasefire on October 6th (if you ignore the continuing rocket attacks from Gaza). There will be no two-state solution, because the Arabs living in Gaza and the West Bank have turned one down every time it’s been offered. Because they have no desire to build a thriving state (if they had, they could have been doing it in Gaza). Their only desire is to destroy a state, and all of the infidels living in it, which would in their minds be just a good start, because ultimately their desire is to rid the House of War throughout the world of all kuffirs — Jews, Christians, atheists, et al.

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  1. You end Hamas’ reign of terror by decisively defeating Hamas, just as we ended the Nazis’ reign of terror by decisively defeating the Nazis,

    Last I checked the leadership of Hamas hasn’t been touched , shots fired or explosions anywhere close to them. So how does that work? If the leadership and the money is safe.

      1. Hamas leadership hides. They hide behind hostages. They hide behind their own people. They hide in non-belligerent/neutral countries. They are the perfect example of “leading from behind”.

        Perhaps it’s time to refer to the head of Hamas as The Hindmost.

          1. Yes. There is a decades-long backtrail of corpses – many of them surpassingly unlovely – indicating that messing seriously with Israel is something best done only after one has first put one’s affairs in order.

    1. Oh, that isn’t entirely true. Israel has taken out a lot of their leadership. That they haven’t taken out the head guy doesn’t mean we should ignore all the other dirt bag commie Islamofascists they have eliminated

    2. Recent update to this situation. Biden has been withholding the locations of Hamas leadership from the Israelis.

      The Biden administration are likely sharing information about Israel with Iran and Hamas.

      Imagine if Biden were as hard on Hamas and Iran as he is on Israel and Republicans. The greatest enemy Western Civilization has are the global Progressive Marxists of which the Democrat party is a key player.

  2. I hope she is haunted by the souls of the 100’s of thousand ukrainians she sent to their deaths. BTW Rand unfortunatly, the Nazi leaders were not all wiped out, plenty seem to be thriving in Ukraine.

      1. Ctrot35, something about glass houses, stones?? Ukraine is known to have neo-Nazis, does Azov Brigade mean anything to you?

        1. Meanwhile, Putin is the world’s worst living Fascist. He has his cronies running the major industries and he calls the shots.

    1. BTW Rand unfortunatly, the Nazi leaders were not all wiped out, plenty seem to be thriving in Ukraine.

      Or rather in Moscow. We know Nazi leaders not by the labels you hang on them, but by their actions. Invading other countries without cause is typical Nazi behavior. Demonizing people by hanging labels on them is typical Nazi behavior.

    2. The killing in Ukraine was all initiated by Russia, not U.S. neocons. On the Ukrainian side, the total casualty count easily numbers in the hundreds of thousands, but fewer than a single hundred thousand are military. The balance are civilians who were explicitly targeted.

      Russian casualties in Ukraine are, to this point, at least 300,000 and might be as much as a half million – entirely military. Given recent Ukrainian ability to strike industrial targets deep inside Russia, there have now doubtless been a handful of Russian civilians killed too. Reluctance to contribute to this number is said to be behind recent mass desertion of jobs in Russian petrochemical and military industrial facilities.

  3. “and lack of clarity”

    This is fud and part of the Biden admin’s campaign to overthrow the Israeli government. The color coup a few months back failed but they have started the effort again.

    Biden and the State Department are getting played because they want to get played. They view themselves as allies of Iran and Hamas.

    The disparity in treatment that Ukraine and Israel get from our government, propagandists, and well intentioned cheerleaders is telling. Biden erred in being so pro war and attacking everyone who wasn’t enthusiastic enough because now people expect him to defend Israel with the same vigor and that isn’t happening.

    We got where we are in Ukraine because Biden is a weak man acting tough and we are were we are with Israel because Biden is a weak man who hates Israel.

    1. Biden is a weak man, but I have felt all along that the animosity towards Israel is coming from Obama. What would be different today if Obama wasn’t pulling the strings from behind the curtain?

  4. That was the dumbest analysis I have ever seen – the two choices are war or happy Kumbaya? Um, Hamas gets a say and has already shown their preference.

    There are, in fact, two outcomes: Either Hamas kills every Israeli in Israel, or Israel destroys Hamas.

    They fact that either of those is really hard doesn’t matter. Hamas won’t stop until everyone is dead (there are no “grievances” to resolve, they just want Israel dead). Israel won’t lie down and die.

    If Israel “ceases fire”, Hamas will attack Israeli civilians again. No one doubts that at all. If Israel doesn’t “cease fire”, Hamas will still attack Israeli civilians again. The real difference is that in the first case, it would be the Israeli government’s fault, and in the second there is a minuscule possibility that Hamas will be destroyed and something with slightly more enlightened values takes it place.

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