2 thoughts on “To The Mothers”

  1. Ever wondered what you would do if you had one more day with someone?

    You are doing it right now.

    Have a good Mother’s Day everyone

    1. My Mom has dementia she has been in nursing care facility the last few years I see her as often as I can (not enough). Saw her today and on her recent birthday, she struggles now to remember basic information. Luckily she still recognizes family members when we visit her but can’t remember that family members who have passed in some cases decades ago are deceased. She sometimes thinks her adult children are still in school, her late husband (my dad) is still alive etc. She seems to take comfort in our visits (even if she quickly forgets about them) it improves her mood the care givers say for hours after we have left. Best that can be hoped for under the circumstances I guess. I am over 60 still hold out the hope that first generation ageing reversal tech might be ready in time for me. I take a boatload of supplements not sure if they are helping or not.

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