Campus Anti-Semitism

It’s nothing new.

In addition, the New York Times covered for both Hitler and Stalin.

[Update a while later]

Campus protesters have experienced some kind of psychiatric break.

It certainly appears that way. They are demonstrably nuts.

[Thursday-morning update]

The real cause of anti-Semitism on campus.

And a survivor of Mao’s Cultural Revolution says that the Red Guards are back.

3 thoughts on “Campus Anti-Semitism”

  1. “I do think it’s a psychological phenomenon, which makes it harder to deal with. It’s almost become a cult, and in order to be accepted into the cult, you have to announce your hatred for Israel, you have to announce support for people who actually hate you. So there’s something that’s hard to address, because you have people who’ve had some sort of mental breakdown.”

    Sounds like the 1984 two minute hate. It’s signaling that you’re an obedient member of the group. There’s plenty of historical examples of crazy cults and ideologies that use such displays of irrational behavior to both show membership and to cull the non-gullible from the group.

  2. It is past time for Jews to quit apologizing for being Jews, quit trying to reason with those who want for whatever reason to kill us.

    Time to fight back.

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