3 thoughts on “C’est La Vie”

  1. Reading the fine print to this story and somewhat between the lines I have concerns about the long term impact of Artemis upon the Starship program. Those impacts may net out to not be to its (Starship’s) benefit. Government money comes with strings that can soon turn into red rape. How free a hand SpaceX will have to evolve Starship remains to be seen. It’s one thing to offer a service for a rocket system that is largely proven out or that closely aligns with its mission targets. It’s something else when it isn’t or doesn’t. dearMoon may have been somewhat of a billionaire’s lark. Government money is always serious business.

  2. Dennis Tito still has a Dear Moon-style mission booked. I suspect Jared Isaacman might well step into Maezawa’s now-vacated shoes for an initial Dear Moon-style mission.

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