4 thoughts on “Institutional Racism”

  1. She also missed a tryout invitation because she was playing in the finals at the NCAA tournament. It doesn’t have to only be racism and genderism.

    The whole situation with women’s basketball is pretty screwed up (the season starts a few weeks after the NCAA tournament? Why?), but maybe all of this attention will start to legitimize it and maybe even get the books out of the red.

  2. It is going to be very interesting with the WNBA.

    They are completely subsidized by the NBA, but everyone thinks they can start to earn on their own now.

    The question is about if this is a one year shift with all the press for CC. If enough people watch it AND want to continue after the initial bump, we’ll see. If not, they can easily go back to just being a nice project for NBA teams.

    Also, this explains why the WNBA plays when they do. They start after NBA season and finish at the start – part of the issue is owners having events in their arenas during a break in NBA play.

  3. If the WNBA hasn’t found an audience since 1997, I doubt one player, however good she may be, will make a lasting difference. I’m betting it’ll be back to the same empty arenas and indifferent viewer numbers by next year. All the middle school drama isn’t helping and the other players that have suddenly found some notoriety come across as particularly unattractive.

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